Divine appointments and coincidences

Teens in South Africa are just like teens everywhere.  They are so focused on their friends, so worried about what other teens will think of them.  That focus tends to scare off a lot of adults.  Because teens are so focused on other teens, they seem disconnected and uncaring about … Continue reading

The Long-Promised Camp Post (Part I)

Camp. Camp was awesome, exhilarating, peaceful, fun, nerve-wracking, busy, cold, colder 🙂  In short, it was a full expression of the human spirit and cooperation between adults and teens, between American and African energies (with a little bit of Indian thrown in, thanks to Deepak Chopra).  It was great. So on … Continue reading

Taking Our Leave

We’ve had some fun the last few days…getting to play tourist.  Our wi-fi has not been working well, Martin’s computer got some kind of glitch, and isn’t feeling well.  He took that as a sign that he needed to spend less time on the computer and more time present and … Continue reading

Back in Cape Town

I know, I know, I owe you a post (actually I’m working on a couple) about camp.  They’re coming. But I wanted to post tonight about being back in Cape Town.  Or actually, about leaving Riviersonderend.  Like so many things here, I am torn in two directions.  I was ready … Continue reading

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