Re-entry again

The flights were easy and all connections made on time and with ease.  We even had two empty seats on our row on the long flight, so I was able to stretch out a bit and sleep a bit more comfortably. We weren’t here for about twenty minutes before I … Continue reading

Photo album

I’ve been going through my pictures, looking for photos to post that tell the story of South Africa, at least through the very very small lens that I have seen through.  And it’s so difficult to choose iconic images.  The picture is more complicated than I could have ever imagined. … Continue reading


“When we are immersed in a situation, the next best way to view it is from another’s perspective.”  –my friend Hazel   I am learning about this in powerful ways today.  The Universe is giving me many situations and little nudges to teach/remind me that my own view is far … Continue reading

Table Mountain. Wow.

Table Mountain is amazing, y’all.  Beautiful!  What a gorgeous day we got to go up there.  It was quite warm at the base; I was wearing a tank top.  At the top, 1,087 meters (roughly 3200 feet) it was considerably cooler and very windy.  I put a sweatshirt on right … Continue reading

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