“Who’s the author of that book?”

We left the Light Center and went to go visit Robbin.  We have such a great time with her!  It was the first time I’d ever been to her house and gotten to meet her kitties.  Such love bugs, they are.  We went to dinner at an Indian place and had a wonderful evening.

Sitting around chatting, telling Robbin this amazing story, we came to the part about the book.  You remember, the book about the volunteer vacations?  We’re talking about how this changed our consciousness about what a vacation can mean to us, that we can use our time away to help others.

Robbin interrupts.  “Who’s the author of that book?”  Um, I don’t know.  We look it up on Amazon.  “Here it is.  Pam Grout.”

Robbin says, “I know her.  She’s a member of my Spiritual Entrepreneur group and goes to my church.”

Okay, Universe.  Now you’re just showing off.  What are the odds? We got to meet Pam, the next morning at church.  She’s a lovely, lovely woman and the author of eleven books and a reader of this blog, so go buy all her books and make her rich.

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