Art Shows and Ego Overthrows

So since my last post about stories I’ve gotten to work on my own stories, letting them go, sometimes hundreds of times each day.  Seems I’m not as good at it as I want to be…like a lot of things.  The Universe gives me the gift of getting to grow, and sometimes that really sucks.  Like really.

We’ve been reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  What he has to say about ego and how we identify with things and situations, we call them “mine” and that’s really just the ego playing its games.  Because nothing is mine, and nothing external defines me.  I am not my car, my computer, my iPhone, my roles in life, none of it is me.  And so those things can come and go and not lessen what I truly am.  But sometimes that’s really hard to remember.

It’s really tempting to get caught up in ego when something happens that you think is totally unjust and unwarranted.  It’s really easy to get all wound up about the story.  And we were seeing the ego in ourselves, at the same time that we were trying to disengage from it–and it was really very hard and painful.

But despite the flailings of the ego, desperately trying to take hold and run the show, we’ve managed to remain calm and carry on.

We’re in Lawrence right now, and today I got the privilege of putting a few of my photos in an art show.  I’m really proud of them.  They are photos of some of the dozens and dozens of native South African plants that were in full flower while we were there (which was springtime).  I’ll probably be putting some of them up on a page here later.  They’re really awesome, or I’m biased, or perhaps both…

We’ve been offered the opportunity to go speak to the Youth of Unity chapter at Overland Park Unity this weekend.  We’re really excited to share the images and videos of our trip and what we’re planning next.

And all around me are evidences and personifications of how very much we are blessed.  From the beautiful weather here today, to the songs that pop into my head as I’m driving around and around looking for a parking space in a parade (“Joyful, joyful, we adore thee…”  You’re welcome for the earworm) to getting to spend the day surrounded by art and artists…  I am so blessed.  I could not begin to ask for a better life.  I cannot imagine a better life.

There’s something about coming out of hard times that gives you such gratitude for the everyday blessings of life.  Like when you’ve been in physical pain and all of a sudden it ends, and you feel this rush of release and gratitude for something as simple and formerly taken for granted as no pain.  Today, I feel no pain, and peace, and loved, and blessed, and valued, and understood, and accepted.

I release the hard times, and take in the blessings that life is offering.  They’re always there; we just forget to look sometimes.  Take a look around–what blessings are you overlooking today?

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