We’re on our way!

We are sitting in the airport, waiting to board our flight. We are excited, and ready to go.  Everything is done. Or at least, everything that was meant to be done is done.

The next time I post will be from South Africa!  How exciting, scary, wonderful, amazing!  We are so blessed.  Thank you to each of you for reading, commenting, supporting and blessing us.

See you soon from South Africa!

From Another Perspective

I have been asked by Luna to join in with a guest post.

The computers are what is on my mind the most.  If you have been reading this blog you know that we are going to South Africa and that we are planning to assist in the creation of an Internet Center for the children of the small town of Riviersonderend.  The logistics are pretty well worked out on how to make it happen and we believe it is possible to provide computers at the community empowerment center for them to learn.

The real issue is that, for around $300 per computer (we need 10) we can make this thing happen for them but donors need to show up.

I have heard the classic reaction of, ‘why can’t we give computers to the people in need in the US and help them instead’.  The comparison is not even close.  The AIDS Orphan and Vulnerable children crisis in Africa is enormous.  Think about it this way:  imagine your child was going to school, and that over half of their classmates had one or both parents dead as a result of AIDS. Those with only one parent may be the head of the house anyway because the remaining parent is sick, so those children are helping to raise their younger siblings while nursing their sick parent while trying to get an education.

Now imagine them being determined to learn more and to better their own situation. A simple handout of bread does not teach them to sustain. But having a tool that could connect them with continued learning, with resources to help them manage their family, to social media where they can realize that they are not alone and connect them with the world of amazing possibilities.  The school has the only computers available to these children, and the resources there are stretched thin–one computer for every 29 learners.


Remember Willy Wonka.

If you want to view paradise,

Simply look around and view it

Anything you want to, do it

Wanna change the world?

There’s nothing to it.

A single donor can make these children’s world open up to an amazing paradise, simply look around in your imagination and let us create this for them.

If you feel compeled to support this opportunity to make a difference, please click this link:

The Light Center and click the donate button on the right.


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