Busy, busy, busy

We’ve been working with Novalis on several things that they’re working on.  Helping out with tea and coffee service at a concert…simple tasks like dish washing make me feel useful.  Service in action.  Some of the things we’re doing feel somewhat amorphous.  I often feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing or why.  But concrete things like washing dishes, that’s easy.

We’re helping out with some things, lots of tasks that we can help with.  Usually the big help is Martin, he’s so skilled in so many facets…networking computers and printers, making videos, working with databases (databi? hee hee) Me?  I can wash dishes.

Actually, that’s not all I can do.  I can hold space, I can vision, I can offer support, suggestions, engaged attention to names and faces and details of others’ lives and passions.  I can see you and listen to you and I am doing my best to always hear you.  I have the gift of perception, being able to see things from many points of view.

They’re not the superhero powers that Martin wields, and I am too conscious of that, maybe.  I allow myself to feel inferior and less than, when in reality, I must remind myself, I have gifts to offer.  They may not be flashy, they may not be obvious, but they are there and they do matter.  I hope.


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