Camp slideshow!

So Martin stayed up half the night editing and posting pictures to the LoveLight Africa page on facebook.  Click here to see them.  And I’d suggest that you “like” that page as well, more photos just might show up there.

I’ll have another post for you later, but just wanted to link to the photos.

It’s a beautiful day here in South Africa, windy and cool, but not cold.  Good walking weather.  I hope it’s beautiful where you are, too!

Blessings from Riviersonderend!

3 thoughts on “Camp slideshow!

  1. Martin staying up half the night editing and working on photos…why does that sound familiar?

  2. My write-in for the presidential nomination is Martin for President and Kelly for First Lady! You are both are so awesome! Love, Love, Love!

  3. After my response to your poverty post, and then looking at these pictures, I can clearly see you are going to have an incomprehensible impact on the children and people you are working with – you are blessing them with your Spirit and you are igniting within them the spark of Awareness that lies dormant, just waiting to blossom into New Life. These young people will be the ones who empower the government to greater efficiency and raise the level of acceptance to what is tolerable in the community. Do not be disheartened by what you see, Kelly – be emblazened to share more of who You Are – Illumination. They will get it – they will get it – they are getting it.

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