On our way, part2

In Washington Dulles now. This plane is considerably bigger than the last one! Unlike what the United people tried to tell us, we will not be changing planes in Dakar. Whew.

On our way, part 1

We’re here at the airport, checked in, ready to go. Airport security is stressful, but we have some time to relax before the flight. Wheels up in one hour. See you on the flip side!

Be enough

I’ve been trying to put my feelings into words about this trip to South Africa.  It’s difficult to make sense of them all.  It’s a complex web of intersecting and interwoven emotions.  There are simple ones, like how much I’m looking forward to seeing the lovely beings there again, and … Continue reading

Trying to evolve with feet made of clay

I’ve been reading about Birth 2012 and about Conscious Evolution and man, can I relate to the concept.  A brief shorthand version:  Basically, according to Barbara Marx Hubbard, we are experiencing a crisis.  Just like a baby about to be born, we are freaking out.  Things are difficult, we don’t … Continue reading

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