I was talking to a friend and she was marveling at how centered and peaceful I am.  I scoffed!  Doesn’t she read this blog?  I’m freaking out all the time about stuff!  I don’t feel peaceful or centered most of the time.  She amended.  “Okay, then, connected.”

Okay, connected I can agree with.  I am connected.  I can definitely own that one.

I can just imagine the HELL this would be without that connection.  Let’s see…you’re packing up all your stuff, putting it into storage, traveling halfway across the world to a place you’ve never been before, you’ve barely even been out of the country before, you’re experiencing empty nest syndrome, you don’t know where you’re living when you get back from Africa, and oh, by the way, your husband is unemployed???????  Are you out of your ever-loving MIND!?!?!?!?

I can only guess at how much fear would be running through my system in all the moments of the day at this scenario without the connection that I feel.  I can write the preceding paragraph without fear because the connection that I’m feeling tells me that it will all be okay.  Not just okay, but great.  I have no reason to feel this way.  Logic would tell me that raiding our retirement fund is a bad idea; reason would argue against any and all of the actions that we are currently taking.  It makes no sense viewed through any other lens.

I’m human—I freak out about all of this on a regular basis.  I write about the freaking out a lot.  It helps me work through it.  It helps me to laugh about it and lighten up the intensity.  It’s therapy, of a sort.  And hopefully, you’re enjoying it too.

I don’t write about the connection as much.  It’s more woo-woo.  It’s not as funny, and I do like to be funny and clever.  I’m not a deep spiritual writer—I find it hard to convey the depth of connection that we’re experiencing. 

The marvelous thing about connection is that it is right there.  When we remember that we’re connected, suddenly we are.

I believe that’s true for each and every one of us.  The trouble is, we forget.  We get in traffic; we have a lousy meeting with the boss; we get overcharged at the grocery store; we have to pay a king’s ransom for a tank of gas.  It can be hard to stay in that awareness.

But the more we do connect and recognize our connectedness, the better we get at it.  At least that’s been my experience.  And it gets easier.

Without it, I can’t imagine what my experience would be right now.  With it, I’m calm and at peace and centered, even in the midst of insanity.  I choose connection.  I hope you do too, at least for today.


3 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Love the blog — keep the entries coming!

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I am loving every blog entry I read and am inspired by this particular entry.

  3. I wrote a song this summer that I think you’d like.

    Lean Forward
    [verse 1]
    I made a decision this morning
    I been heading that way awhile now.
    That every minute my eyes are open,
    I’ll be one hundred percent me.

    I’ll lean forward into life,
    Never hold back, resist or doubt.
    I’m right where I’m supposed to be.
    Where ever my journey leads,
    God is right there, right there, rooting for me.
    He is right here, right here rooting for me.

    [verse 2]
    All that I am is God.
    He’ll turn every step I take into good
    The universe doesn’t doubt.
    So why, why should I?

    [verse 3]
    I’ll give it all I’ve got,
    every moment of the day.
    I won’t worry about being good enough.
    I’ll let God express through me.

    You can hear it at
    Love you! Pamela

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