Divine appointments and coincidences

Teens in South Africa are just like teens everywhere.  They are so focused on their friends, so worried about what other teens will think of them.  That focus tends to scare off a lot of adults.  Because teens are so focused on other teens, they seem disconnected and uncaring about anyone older than about 20.  And that can be intimidating.  But they will listen, if you have something to say that they resonate with, and if you can say it in an engaging way that they connect to.

Martin is a natural at this.  I usually sit back and let Martin do his thing.  My style is quieter and less rambunctious and energetic.  It’s easier to let him be the one on stage, frankly.  However, Martin was sick for about the first 24 hours of camp.  So when he was sick and there was no one else and I realized that I was going to be talking to this group, there was a moment of panic (okay, maybe more than a moment).

Ordinarily, at a YOU rally, the teens would be the ones doing the talking.  I get to sit and listen and learn from teens.  Which is pretty cool.  They can go deep.  Deeper than some adults I know.

But this is not rally.  These teens don’t have the benefit of weekly YOU meetings and Unity teachings and four- or five-times a year events to give them the skills and the language and the basis in metaphysics that teens in YOU in the US get.  We were planning to present the material to them, even though that’s not how we would be doing it in the states.  Actually, what I mean to say is that we were planning for Martin to present the material to them.  Or at least I was.

But it went fine.  Better than fine.  They really listened.  At one point I suggested that Lena translate into Afrikanns for me, and she just looked at me and said, “No, they get it.”  And they did.  I was mistaking the steady gazes I was getting as blank stares, thinking that I had lost them.  But they were right there with me, absorbing like sponges.  Such focus was a little unnerving.


I learned some things about myself at camp–that I am more capable than I give myself credit for, for one, and that I can lead too, and I’m pretty good at it.  I think of this as a divine appointment with my inner leader.  So maybe there will be a little less wallflower in my future.


In between sessions with the teens, I was doing healing touch on Martin, and he perked up and was feeling a lot better by Saturday afternoon, and we shared leadership of the rest of the event.


This camp was, by a set of divine coincidences, being held in South Africa on the same weekend as the major summer rally of YOU in the South Central region.  And that rally, like most YOU rallies, was planned by teens, for the teens in YOU.  So we asked the planning team for the rally if we could use the same material, seeing as how we’d be doing the same type of event on the other side of the world at the same time, wouldn’t it be cool to be using the same material?

So they said yes, and sent it to us.  And it was the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.  Which blew us away.  Because

Thirteen months ago, when this whole saga started, Martin and I had just finished a small-group book study of this very same book, along with a few people from our church.  This little book has been responsible for so much growth and so much openness and so much change in our lives.  I don’t think it’s exaggerating at all to say that, thanks to The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, we have handled that transition and all that has happened since with so much more grace and balance than we would have otherwise.

So to have it come back around again in this way was a ringing endorsement from the Universe, “YES!”

Deepak Chopra writes in some of his other works about synchronicity and how those little “winks” from the Universe show up in their playful way to lead you toward your dreams, your purpose in life, your dharma.  And of course, I’ve written at length about some of the coincidences that we’ve encountered on this journey.  And in some sense this was just another one.

But in another sense it was not just one in a long series of coincidences, to be marveled at and filed away for future reference.  In order to explain why, I need to tell you a little story about myself.

I have an angel.  I mean, a literal angel.  I have physical contact with my angel, she rests her hand on my right shoulderblade and I can feel it, and I know that she’s with me.  There are times when I feel her presence regularly, and then, inexplicably, I won’t feel that sensation for a while.  But then she comes back, and I’m kind of relieved and grateful for that attention again.  Because sometimes, when she goes, I worry that that’s the last time I’ll know she’s with me.

So having this coincidence show up again, in the way it did, was a return of my angel, so to speak.  Last summer we were having all these amazing experiences, divine coincidences so thick you had to brush them away.  And then things changed, things got more peaceful, there was a fallow season when not much was happening.  And those amazing coincidences seemed to come to an end.  We were still trusting, still knowing that we were loved and supported.  But like with love, you can know someone loves you, know it with every fiber of your being, but you still glow with happiness when they tell you.

So this divine coincidence was the Universe, telling me it loves me.  I already knew it, of course, but it’s great to hear and amazing to feel back in the flow again.

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