Getting ready for camp

Camp starts in just two days!

We had our first meeting with the kids going to camp yesterday.  Boring meeting, mostly we were just trying to make sure paperwork was turned in and in good order.  Those of you who are YOU sponsors will be very familiar with this one.  One difference is the names.  Many of the names are similar to names we have in the US, but there are a fair amount of !Xhosa speakers and their names are very different, lots of syllables and consonants smushed together in unfamiliar ways that my tongue stumbles over and my brain struggles to get right.  I guess wrong on gender when looking at the name at least 75% of the time, far more than the laws of probability would suggest.  How am I ever going to remember these names?  And I know that most kids have nicknames, so even if I sit all day with this list and memorize the names, I won’t be able to pronounce them correctly and the teen probably won’t be using their real name anyway.

Just another way I get to stay humble.

I’m thinking of Robin today, who told us in jest one time that her Indian name is “loves your face, forgot your name.”  Wondering if I can borrow that one.

Today’s meeting with the kids was a bit more fun.  We did a few joy songs and talked a bit about the packing list, reminding the teens what to bring.  Another familiar task from YOU rallies.

We got to meet with our family group leaders and go over the family group material with them for the first time today.  I’m excited about these teens, I think they’ll do very well with the material.

This weekend is a very special event.  Not only is our camp being held this weekend, but also the South/Central region of YOU in the States is holding a rally at the same time.  The teens who created the South/Central rally have generously allowed us to use the material that they wrote for the rally as material for camp.  So there will be teens on both sides of the world, in both hemispheres, doing similar activities and learning similar things on the same weekend.  We’re also planning a link-up over the web.  So very exciting!  Lots of coordination went into this, and we’re hoping for good enough cell signal to be able to do our live skype on Saturday.  Send prayers for good clear cell phone signals.

Heading to bed now, another big day of planning ahead.  Blessings!

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