Lights, camera, action!

The next morning, after breakfast, people started arriving at the Light Center. A group of teens from Unity were there to plan events. It was Robin’s birthday, and people were arriving to celebrate. Some of the first to arrive were John (Robin’s son) and a couple of his friends, Kent and a beautiful young woman whose name I’ve since forgotten (sorry!)

We got to know them a bit, and found out that these were the founders of The Wall at Unity Temple on the Plaza—they started the tradition by spray-painting the wall. We showed them the pictures we’d taken the day before, of how The Wall looks now. I think they were pleased to see that the tradition still stands to this day, dating all the way back to 1991 (which seems like last week to me, but I’m old).

John is a high-school band director, and he showed us a video of his band’s entry into the national competition of high school marching bands, which was held in the Indianapolis Colts stadium. It was stunningly beautiful. When I was in high school, we were impressed that the marching band could spell out the initials of the high school! This band created such amazing patterns and it was just a treat for the eyes. I was blown away. He’s not just a band director; he’s an artist!

While we’re gathered around watching this video, John leans over to Martin and quietly says, “you know—Kent, here?—he makes movies.”

Oh, have we got to talk to you! As soon as the video of the band was finished, all of us sat down for a meeting. This is how the Universe is working–no sooner do we conceive of a vision for a video, then, seemingly randomly, here is this movie maker! Oh, and not just any movie maker, he used to produce films in Hollywood, and now lives in Kansas City.

At first, when we told him what we wanted to do, Kent’s reaction was cautious. He warned us that there was a lot that had to be done before we were ready for a documentary. We’d have to have structure in place, ready to be filmed. Calmly, Robin says, “Oh, we have that.” She explains to Kent that she’s been going to South Africa for years now, that there’s a community center and a greenhouse, that there are programs in place for children, grandmothers and other people that she works with. And you can see Kent’s face change—he’s getting excited. He looks at pictures that Robin shows him and says, “We could do this. We could do this in three days!” Laughing, Robin says that you don’t want to go over there for anything less than two weeks. It’s a long flight to do twice in one week!

Kent goes on to explain that he knows of a cameraman that he would like to use, and would have to see whether he’s available. He says that if the funds are there to do this film, that he’ll quit his job so that he can go and then do the editing work needed to complete the film. I don’t know about anyone else in that room, but the goosebumps were rising on my arms. The Universe is at work again.  What makes my life so great is I get to watch.

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