Coming back to Cape Town feels like being in a whole different country after Riviersonderend.  We’re kind of in shock with the fast pace and all the traffic.  It’s been nice not having to deal with traffic!

We went to the shops for a few things and were taken aback at the pace.  Everyone was going so quickly in so many different directions.  In Riviersonderend, no one is in a big hurry.  In Cape Town, everyone is.  I’m used to living in big places with the hurry, hurry pace so I hadn’t realized until now how different it is.

And another thing–no one greets one another here.  Being from the Midwest, we’re pretty friendly people, and we’re used to the constant greetings that came from everywhere in the village…and no one here even makes eye contact.

It’s kind of a sad feeling.  But it’s not bad, just different.  I’m sure I’ll soon get used to it again, but I will miss it just the same.

It’s warmed up, so that’s a positive development.  It’s still chilly in the evenings, but not the bone-chilling cold I was feeling.  Plus, we got hot water bottles in RSE, so I snuggle with one of those every night.  Best.  Invention.  Ever.  Well, besides the Internet, which I missed a.  Lot.  And I need to quit.  Writing.  Sentences that have one word.  🙂  See what happens?  Give me a little wi-fi and I go all crazy.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  We are going to the Emissaries of Divine Light.  I’m not entirely sure what we’ll find there, but I expect lots of deep connection and to meet some amazing people.  I’ll write more soon and tell you what it was all about!

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