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I share my gifts and nurture my relationships.

Today I bring joy to others by sharing my time, talent and treasure. A phone call can brighten a loved one’s day. A personal visit to share a meal or enjoy conversation can make an enormous difference.

When I connect with people of other ages, memories arise and my view of the world broadens. As we share our joys, challenges and interests, we know each other at a deeper level. Spending time with people I care about uplifts both them and me.

My life is blessed with many relationships. In nurturing them, I express my Christ nature. I am a loving being, here to be a loving presence. By giving of myself, I feel the warmth and glow of divine love in me, the joy of connecting heart to heart.


I am learning the importance, the vitality, in sharing and nurturing my relationships as well as in forming new ones.  I’ve often been guilty of taking my relationships for granted.  I haven’t always maintained an awareness that relationships are the lifeblood of this life experience.  But they are.

And this visit to Texas drives that home to me.  We’re here to do what I refer to as the “grand tour”, where we visit with as many friends and family as we can in the time we have.  It always feels a bit rushed, because we have a schedule to keep and miles to travel before we sleep.  So we spend one evening having dinner with my brother and nephew, get up and drive to Houston, where we visit with Martin’s brother, aunt and cousins.  A few short hours with Martin’s niece.  Lots of shared meals, time spent around tables, relationships renewed.

I was amazed and grateful and humbled by Belinda, who opened her home to us even though we’d never even met, to stay the night.  We look forward to getting to spend more time with her in South Africa, as she arrives a few days after we do.

Today we went to Unity of the Hills in Austin.  For a place we’d never been before, we sure “knew” a lot of people.  Some we’d spoken to in conference call, but had never met in person.  Some we knew from Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity).  And met completely new people as well.

It’s often said that other people are a mirror for us, that they reflect back to us what we are.  I don’t know about that, but I do know that I am immersed in a world of people who love us, support us, give unselfishly of themselves in ways that constantly amaze and stupefy me.  I am so grateful for the relationships that I have, and for the ones that I am developing.  I am blessed beyond belief, beyond anything that I could have ever done to earn it or deserve it.  The universe continues to provide what we need, when we need it, moment to moment and hour by hour.  How absolutely lovely to share my experience with each and every one of them, each and every one of you.

Tomorrow we hit the road again, back to Springfield.  A couple of days to wish everyone there goodbye as we head toward our flight departing on Saturday.  It’s moving fast, but not so fast that I am unable to take a few moments and savor the gifts that life offers.  I gotta tell ya, this is bliss.  What gifts we are given.


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