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We’re in Cape Town!  The flights went well–we had a seat angel next to us on the long flight, so a little more room to stretch out–I was able to elevate my feet for a while and help keep my ankles from swelling.  Yay.  Then, on the flight out of Johannesburg, we got bumped up to first class, inexplicably.  Very very nice.

We arrived at the airport last night around eleven pm, fairly brain-dead.  By the time we cleaned up and were ready for bed it was nearly 1:30.  But we slept well.  Martin, true to form, was up early, where I was a little (okay, a lot) slower about rising.

Feeling so much at home here.  The sights, the vibe, the people–I remember so well and feel glad to be back here again at last.  I’ve missed all this!

We’re at Novalis, re-connecting with old friends and making new ones.  We had a lovely lunch with six others, and arrangements are underway to acquire a rental car and a local cell phone.  We’ll see what manifests and on what time schedule.  I feel peaceful and centered, not at all worried about how we will get around, I know it will work out perfectly in the end.

It’s funny: Marissa, upon first laying eyes on us this morning, said that we looked less stressed and years younger.  I do feel less stress–so much less stress than when we were here last year.  Not sure why–but I’m not looking this particular gift horse in the mouth.  There’s a space.

And as for looking years younger, I’m always up for that.  Hee hee.

We’ll see what the rest of the day brings.  So odd to be at such loose ends and so unconcerned about it at the same time.  Odd, but very nice.  We are blessed.

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