Sacrifices and spirituality

Religion is cultural mythology. Spirituality is self awareness. They have nothing in common.–Deepak Chopra (from Facebook)   I’ve been reading a little about numerology lately.  I’ve been drawn to it for a long time, and dabbled in it years ago.  Earlier this year I was reminded about numerology and started … Continue reading

Holding the light of hope

“This is what you do while the world churns, you just hold the light of hope.” -Robin Goff, describing the candlelight vigil outside the UN Climate Change Summit in Durban, South Africa, last December. We had a meeting last night at the Light Center with Robin, Kent (the video producer) … Continue reading

Things! Stuff! Junk! Contraptions!

Our lives are too full of things.  Don’t get me wrong.   They’re pretty things, they’re useful things, they’re entertaining things.  I love my iPhone as much as everyone else, possibly more.  But what kind of fulfillment comes from buying more things?  In my experience, not much.  The hole we’re trying … Continue reading

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