Taking Our Leave

We’ve had some fun the last few days…getting to play tourist.  Our wi-fi has not been working well, Martin’s computer got some kind of glitch, and isn’t feeling well.  He took that as a sign that he needed to spend less time on the computer and more time present and conscious.  I like that.  That also meant less time for blogging and writing, but there’s plenty of time for that when we get back to the States.

Which will be very soon.  As of this post, we are headed to the airport.  Our flight departs in just over three hours.

My thoughts on leaving the Mother City–I feel torn.  I love it here, love the energy and the vitality.  The scenery, both natural and of the human kind.  I love the accent when the South African people speak.  I love the food.  Like last trip, I think I ate my weight in chips on this trip, followed closely by fish.

I’m missing it already.  I feel like we could have done so much more on this trip, I think of all the mornings I slept in.  I should have gotten up earlier–I should have spent more time soaking it in, visiting, meeting, learning, serving.

I’m letting go of that.  Regret doesn’t serve me.  This trip was what it was, and I cannot go back and change it now.  I need to respect the decisions I made in the moments that I made them and not go back and second-guess them now.  I need to respect the balance that was struck between activity and rest; self-care and care for others.  I’m trusting that I did the best that I could.

On the other hand, I’m ready to be home.  I’ve missed my stuff–my space.  I’m looking forward to the Austin heat–it’s been cold here and I’ve been layered up like crazy.  I’m looking forward to getting up and putting on a t-shirt and jeans and having that be enough.  No layers of long underwear and wool socks and taking gloves and hats with me everywhere to be warm enough.

I’m predicting it’ll be quite a while before you hear me complain about the hot weather.  I’m craving it.

Our visit has been wonderful: everyone we have met has been so lovely and kind and has made us feel welcome.  We are so blessed to get to do this.  We are so blessed to get to do camps with the kids.  We are so loved and so at peace.

I PROMISE to get the camp posts up ASAP.  I will probably be up at 4 am writing them due to jet lag.

Asking your thoughts for peaceful, easy and safe travels.  We are blessed.  See you on the flip side.

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