The doldrums have set in

Packing is like doing 3-D puzzles with way less fun and zero prizes.  Have I mentioned we have too much stuff?  We still do.  But we are making progress.  Actually, I’m not right now, I’m using the old “I’m blogging!” excuse to avoid more close encounters with boxes.  For fifty cents I’d toss the whole bunch out the window right now.  That’d make a nice satisfying bangcrashboom.

Martin’s no happier with this than I am; he just came into the room and flopped onto the huge beanbag chair.  It made me laugh, so I guess it had its purpose.

When I’m not packing 50 zillion quadrillion boxes I’m doing lots and lots of reading and research.  HIV statistics; Google maps views of Blikkiesdorp, Delft township and other areas in Capetown; longitudinal surveys of progress toward reconciliation in South African society between races, economic classes, language groups and so on.  Have I scared you off by now?  Hope not.  It’s pretty dense stuff, but it’s helpful to me to know as much as I can before stepping off the plane.

Oh, and we’ve been watching some great documentaries on Netflix while we take packing breaks.

Speaking of which, we’ve started a page for the blog on facebook.  You can get there by clicking here.  If you want, “like” this page for blog updates and additional content about South Africa and whatever else takes our fancy.  I’m currently putting links and info that I’m finding that are interesting, but that I’m not blogging about (mostly because there’s not enough time or enthusiasm to post an entertaining post about attitude surveys).

Wow, I wish I could be more entertaining, but I just don’t have it in me right now.  You can be entertained by the thought that you are a sane person, as opposed to Martin and I who are going insaner by the minute.  Yes, that’s a word.  It is now.


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