The Lovelight Video Project

The Lovelight Video Project.

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This is the introductory video for the video project that I’ve already blogged about.  Kent and Josh are trying to raise funds to go to South Africa with us and shoot footage for a documentary video highlighting the work that LoveLight is doing.  I’ve seen some of Josh’s other work and it brought me to tears.  This is good stuff, folks.

Watch the video, please, and share on your networks.  Like the Lovelight Video page on Facebook.  (Gosh, I’m bossy today!)

We’ve got a short time to raise funds and even if you can’t donate, maybe you know someone who can.  Posting on your facebook page, twitter account, whatever networks you have can help publicize this effort.

Please help us reach our goals.  If you can donate personally, would you, please?  We’d be so grateful.  If you donate $250 or more, you can get a copy of the video for yourself and if you donate $500 or more, you get your name in the credits.  Any donation or help you can offer, as always, elicits our great and loving gratitude.

Thank you for your consideration, and your help.  Blessings.


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