The Village

We are planning Camp Ubuntu today, as well as getting to know Riviersonderend.  We mentioned that we went to the “downtown” area and Geno, our host, about choked.  “We don’t call it ‘downtown’ here.  It’s not big enough.  Say you went to town and we think you went somewhere else.  We call it a village.”

Okay, so we walked around the village.  There are a bunch of stores that sell food, but none of them is very big.  Like several large convenience stores.  Lots of frozen meat, lots of rice and beans and pasta, lots of biscuits (cookies), but no “heat and eat” type convenience foods.  Martin and I settled for goat cheese and bread for dinner, but we’re going to have to figure out the food thing.  There is one restaurant in town, it’s very good, we ate there for lunch, but we don’t want to eat there over and over and over again.

There is the fast food burger and chips joint (chips being the local parlance for french fries).  Again, good, but I’m afraid the repetition will get old, not to mention the pounds it will put on my posterior.

In the stores, we did find beer powder, which appeared to be an instant form of beer that you mix up today, and drink tomorrow, according to the packaging.  Wow.  We passed on that one.

So we may be living off peanut butter, eggs, bread and cheese, or else we’re going to have to figure out something to cook in our tiny kitchen at the B&B.  Interesting.

We walked around quite a bit, the reactions we get are interesting too.  We stick out like sore thumbs here, first of all for our English, as Africaans is definitely the primary language here, unlike in Cape Town.  I noticed a couple of places where Martin had to duck under things hanging up, I think he is a good bit taller than most people here.  We’re also usually the first to speak to people when we encounter them.  I wonder if they know what to make of us walking around town.  Or the village, I should say.

We got to meet with the kids that are coming to camp.  They are shy, don’t want to speak up.  We did a few joy songs with them (Pepe, Sticky Moose and Tootie-Tot for those who know what those are) and I think we kind of loosened them up a bit.  I hope so.

We have another meeting with the kids going to camp tomorrow.  I guess we’ll have to think of a few more joy songs to sing with them.

We also met with Erik, who came to the international conference that Martin attended in July.  He looks good, and was happy to see us.  He will be helping with camp, too.  He’ll be a family group leader and a leader in general.  And Martin got to see John as well (he was Martin’s roommate at conference, for those who are following along).  I know they’ve both been looking forward to seeing each other again for so long.  I’ll get to see John tomorrow.

We’ve spent the evening inventorying supplies for camp and writing up family group material for the family group leaders (camp is basically a YOU rally, minus the obvious religious references, as the kids can come from one of several different religious backgrounds, and we don’t want to mess with that).

My brain is about fried.  More work in the morning, and more meetings to help get camp ready to go.

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