Trying to evolve with feet made of clay

I’ve been reading about Birth 2012 and about Conscious Evolution and man, can I relate to the concept.  A brief shorthand version:  Basically, according to Barbara Marx Hubbard, we are experiencing a crisis.  Just like a baby about to be born, we are freaking out.  Things are difficult, we don’t know what’s going on, things are painful, there’s so much we don’t know!  Is this an end?  Or are we about to be born to a new reality?

It’s an interesting idea, and it’s caught my imagination.  None of us can remember, of course, but that birth process, being born, has got to be difficult!  What’s going on?  Why am I getting so squeezed?  What’s going to happen?  This is uncomfortable!  Yikes!  Being born must actually be a really frightening process.

Fortunately for us, we don’t remember.

But according to Barbara Marx Hubbard, we are being born, as a species, to a higher frequency, to a higher state of consciousness, and that is what the Mayan calendar business is about.

Personally, I am intrigued but skeptical.

But the image has really caught my attention, and I realize that it’s a good analogy for what’s going on with me lately.  I am being called to evolve.  I am being called to let go of my old life, my old way of being, and rise up to a new way of being.  I am being called to get rid of things that aren’t serving me, stop beating myself up and accept that things are changing.

And, as usual, I’m having a bit of difficulty managing this with grace and ease.  To say the least.

More things are dropping away.  I keep telling myself they are making way for new things to come, but I’m ready for them to arrive already, and of course the Universe is taking its sweet time.  Once again–still–we are poised between the past and the future and the uncertainty–the Void–between them is gaping and frightening and empty.

I try not to think about it too much.  But sometimes, like tonight, it comes calling and I have to think about it and I don’t like it.  So I write it out to share with you all and I feel less alone.

Thank you for reading.  I’ll try to make the next post a little uplifting or something.  Jeez.

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