We made it to Riviersonderend!

Safe and sound.  We saw beautiful views along the way.  First off, before we left Cape Town, we stopped off at Table Mountain.  The day was clear and beautiful and there were so many people lined up to take the cable car up to the top!  We decided not to get in the line that looked like it would take several hours to get through and satisfied ourselves with some gorgeous scenery from the road.  Like this:

And this:

We left Cape Town and crossed the mountain range on our way to Riviersonderend.  Martine, the owner of the B&B we’ve been staying in, had told us about this remarkable overlook just at the top of the mountain, so we stopped.  While we were there, this group of baboons decided to join us:

Baboons are quite strong and quite dangerous, so we kept our distance but got a few shots.  There was a group of about six or seven, one male and the rest females.  Most of the females had babies clinging to their chests.  It was awe-inspiring and a little scary.

We took a detour to go to Hermanas to see if we could see whales.  We saw views like this:

Plus a seal and yes, several whales.  The whales made their appearance as we ate lunch seaside in this beautiful town.  Yes, it’s rough duty being a missionary.

After we left Hermanas, we had a rough ride, as there was road construction that had us driving on a dirt road for some 22 kilometers, or however far that is in miles.  It was a long way with all the potholes, I’ll tell you that much.

But we had beautiful views like this as we drove:

So it wasn’t all bad.  Thankfully we made it through before dark, because we realized that it would be really really dark out there, out in the middle of nowhere on this dirt road.  Yikes.

We made it to Riviersonderend just about dusk and got settled in at Gema B&B, and met Geno, our host, who is funny and very kind.  So all’s well that ends well.

Internet connection has been very spotty, which explains why I haven’t been posting.  However, Martin bought me a wonderful device that lets me connect to the Internet over 3G, so I’ll have reliable connection wherever I go now.  At least, let’s hold that thought.

I’ll post more tomorrow about the rest of our time in Cape Town.  But for now, enjoy the pictures and I’ll see you all tomorrow (hopefully).

Blessings from Riviersonderend!

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