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I’m Luna.  I go by Kelly in real life, but Luna is my spiritual name and the name that I’m sure my parents would have given me if they were hippies and all cool and such when I was born…I have decided this.  So you might know me as Kelly or Luna, and either one works.

For everyone else, all names are pseudonyms, even when they aren’t, to protect the innocent and the crazy…I’ll let you sort out which are which.   I’ll be your host on this crazy, wonderful journey we call our lives.  The cast of characters includes me and my husband, Martin… and the hundreds, if not thousands, of people we are meeting and connecting with…and getting to help…and being helped by…  So basically, everyone.  We are all on this planet together, linked in ways we can only guess at.  I am learning this, and many other lessons, as we go along.

It’s a crazy story that began, well, where?  We could go all the way back into the shrouds of time, but we won’t spend much time there.  Let me sum up (I’ll be saying that a lot).  The hubby and I have been married for 23 years.  We were high school sweethearts.  We’ve raised three kids and live a nice, unsurprising, quiet life in the Midwest.  We volunteer, we participate in civic organizations, we pay our bills pretty much on time, you know.  Solid types.

Considering ourselves somewhat edgy (for midlife Midwesterners, that is), we live in a loft in an urban area in our small city, a neighborhood that not a few people think is dangerous, mostly because we share it with (gasp!) homeless people.

Really we’re quite safe here, and fairly predictable, living what the hubby likes to refer to as a “Starbucks lifestyle.”  Well, we do love our coffee.

The hub-unit works as an executive in a small company here in our fair city, and I am a full-time artist, which pretty much means I just putter around in our beautiful home and create things and live a life of privilege and ease.

Until one day.  On that day, he came home from work at about lunchtime, on a beautiful early summer Friday, sat down, and announced that he no longer worked for his company.  And the smile on his face was beautiful.

You see, he’s been unhappy in his job for quite some time.  And had been considering leaving it, but hadn’t gotten around to getting all his ducks in a row.  You know, where he finds another job and leaves the old one for the new one, moving his car from one parking spot to another in a different parking lot.  From one same old job to another one.  But this sudden shift was not expected.  Yet he was calm, even happy.

I am the freaker-outer in the relationship, the one that says, “yeah, but…” and “what if…?” So we had a little angst and drama (mostly inside my head, but hey, that counts) as I got reminders to breathe and trust.

But the realization dawned (sooner for him than for me) that we have raised our children, our pets are no longer with us, having passed away from old age a couple of years ago.  We have no responsibilities.  We have a few bills, of course, but our lives can be restructured.

We have come to believe that the Universe is nudging us (sometimes gently, sometimes, like in this case, with a nice firm SHOVE!) in that direction.  What will we make of our lives now?

It’s a very valid question, and I (we) will be answering as we go along.  In fact, there’s a whole host of questions, and if you’re not asking them, we are.

There’s a great story here, one that is still unfolding, a story of how the Universe opens up new paths before us with the amazing power of coincidence.  You’ll want to hear this.


Soon I’ll post another installment and begin to try to answer some of the questions.  In the meantime, leave a comment, won’t you?

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